3hundredand65 tweet

So here it is, the wonderful illustration to go with my tweet for today’s instalment of the 3hundredand65 graphic novel in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.


For more info on the 3hundredand65 initiative and the Teenage Cancer Trust then click on their respective links. You can also read my previous blogs on the subject or better still get involved yourself and make a difference in someone’s life.



My last tweet may have confused some of you. What at first reads like some random dialogue followed by some brutal action is in fact my contribution to the on going story that is 3hundedand65.


David Kirkwood has set himself the challenge of illustrating every tweet of story he receives this year and of combining all those into a graphic novel that will generate money for the teenage cancer trust. This is a huge task. Tweets are assigned to people who want to contribute, some of which have been from household names such as Jonathan Ross, Bill Bailey and Stephen Fry to name but three, with those selected tweeting their 140 character addition to the story and Kirkwood then illustrating it. The one thing that links the contributors is their wish to raise funds for teenage cancer trust and having at least 300 followers. Why do they need to have at least 300 followers? To make sure that the message from 3hundredand65 gets to as many people as possible to raise awareness and funds.

If you want to view my tweet in context head over to 3hundredand65 and catch up on the story so far, you could make a donation or even add your own tweet to the story so far.

My tweet today, if you missed it was, ‘Hope’s such a desperate word too many variables. I prefer things to be more concrete’ Lad then smashed a breeze block through her thoughts.

3hundredand65 Graphic Novel from writers tweets

I stumbled across this recently and just thought wow, what a brilliant idea. David Kirkwood is a graphic designer who dreams of being an illustrator and came up with the idea for 3hundredand65 not only to fulfil that dream but to also raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Kirkwood has pledged that every day he will produce a drawing for the graphic novel and that a selected writer will then tweet the text for it. This way it will produce a huge amount of publicity for the project and ultimately raise funds for this worthy cause.

You can check out the 3hundredand65 blog here


I would like to contribute to this but at the moment I do not have enough followers on twitter, I need at least 300. So if you could help me increase my followers by following me, @fletchski, or can suggest ways of increasing my followers please leave a comment below.