Hello the blogosphere.

I’ve just noticed that ‘Here Comes the Lobsters’ has burst through the 2000 views barrier. This may not sound like a big deal to you grizzled hard-core bloggers out there but it means a lot to this part time, random poster.

So huge thanks to anyone who’s read and enjoyed this blog. Please let me know what you like and why and I’ll continue to post stuff about writing, creativity and anything else thatgrabs me.



Five minutes with (Sir) Andrew Motion

I’ve nicked this straight from the BBC site. It’s well worth five minutes of your time to hear him talk about the distinction between prose and poetry and why he thinks poetry is still the most powerful art form. Click on the link below to go to the BBC site. It seems the Beeb wont allow me to share their vids.

Sir Andrew Motion.

There’s also a great one with Philip Pulman where he talks about who he writes for and what’s important to him as a writer. Some nice slagging off of the UK’s restrictive National Curriculum in schools as well.

Philip Pullman.