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Greetings all you wonderful Lobsterites.

I’ve a lovely new blog over at http://fletchski.wordpress.com Why don’t you pop over and have a look at all the stuff I’ve been up to lately?


Flash Fiction Cempetitions

Here’s a link to the National Flash Fiction website. There’s a link of up and coming competitions for flash fiction, entry dates and themes

Flash Fiction Competitions

What is flash fiction? Well you might think its very full of itself, boastful, flamboyant and yes some of it can be described this way but the flash part relates to the amount of words that are used, as in you can read it in a ‘flash.’ I recently had a piece of flash fiction published in the Birmingham Post and that was only 150 words.

So if this appeals to you and you think you can get across a tale of loss and longing, high action and enveloping love etc. then click on the link and see what’s out there.

Flash Fiction Competitions