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Farewell Steve

As I sit here bathing in the glow of my i-Mac whilst my i-Phone syncs my calenders and notes it’s easy to see the impact that Steve Jobs has had on my life and the life of millions of people around the world. Not only did he give us new ways of working and communicating with each other but he packaged them so bloody well. A lot of manufacturers don’t seem to give a shit about how their products look (just look at the Blackberry, my god it’s an ugly bastard) and the relationship that the consumer will make with them, Steve Jobs did. He new that good design was an intrinsic part of any product and he gave us such wonderful bits of kit over the years, pieces of equipment that were almost works of art in their own right. However what we will really miss is his vision, who knows what he might have come up with in the next twenty years, holographic touch screens? Anything seemed possible.

So here’s to Steve Jobs, you will be missed but your legacy lives on.