Thanks to Fiona Joseph for posting this on twitter. A very thoughtful and moving peice upon the use of technology in dire times of need. Read it and weep.

The Theatre of Reason

mobiles in crowd

This week I have been disturbed by two vivid memories, 23 years apart. Both memories are from sporting events that I attended. Both were memories of the crowd that attended with me. And both, in their way, concern technology.

The first memory, only weeks before, is of an athlete powering towards the finishing line to claim Olympic gold. Many in the crowd scream for joy. Many more stand mute – arms raised to faces or above heads – viewing the spectacle vicariously through the pale LCD displays of camera phones, or through the huge screens on the stadium roof. Others type furiously onto keypads. Remote cameras on high wires or on high-speed track fly after the athlete, relaying the action to countless unseen places beyond the stadium.  As the athlete crosses the line, the truth of it crosses continents – the images simultaneously encoded onto the storage cards of countless…

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