Haven’t blogged in a while but just found this on screen printing which is something I love. Is there anywhere in Brum that does this? As in screen print other artists work and if so what’s the process?

Something You Said

Alice Parsons (who designed the Something You Said banner up there), had a go at screen printing. Here’s her account of it:

I wasn’t exactly sure what Screen Printing was, but I have always wanted to try it. I suspected it would be messy, probably more advanced than potato printing and might involve some kind of screen. I also had a strong feeling it would be damn good fun. So it was that I booked myself in with Parliament of Feathers, the Brighton-based specialist Screen Printing Studio.

Emma Tilbury, one of the Studio’s founders and a very lovely lady, showed me the ropes. Here is my weekend in print, interspersed with some of the inspiring things we nattered about and a bit about Parliament of Feather’s bright, paint splattered future:

After a tour of the studio – a cosy creative hub littered with beautiful discarded misprints, paintbrushes, screens, paper and…

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