Bad Vibes

Luke Haines was never a star, never really wanted to be, which is just as well because if you asked your average Joe on the high street they’d most definitely say,’Luke who?’

However Mr Haines is a mighty fine songsmith and has recorded some excellent albums over the years, that no one listened to. Bad Vibes is a painfully honest account of Mr Haines’ rise from indie wannabe to established recording artiste on a major record label, through his first foray with ‘The Servants,’ three albums with The Auteurs, one Baader Meinhof album and the inception of ‘Black Box Flight Recorder’ we receive an unflinching view of the music scene in 90s Britain, which, not unsurprisingly, turns out to be one full of fools, bile, hatred and incompetence.

I read this book in a day, I simply could not put it down, not because I’ve heard of all the people he talks about, or because I’ve also been in a band, or because of the sheer joy of reading something so honest and uncompromising, of reading something that doesn’t worship at the feet of Alan McGee or the Manc Ape Brothers, but because it’s riotously funny and had me spitting my tea out on a number of occasions. Luke Haines is witty, scathing, surreal, determined and unafraid of the past. In the intro Haines tells us that he will spare us the benefit of hindsight and just write it as he remembers it, write it as it happened as if he was writing it at the time. I think it is a brave thing to do but my does it pay off.

So if you like reading about the music industry, want to know what Britpop was really all about, want to have your suspicions about Chris Evans being a dick confirmed or simply need to have the inside info on how to do your own Trepanning then this is the book for you. Buy it, read it, love it.


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