Virgins my arse.

Easy ladies, that's not me.

Those of you that follow this blog will know that I’ve had a few problems with Mr Bransons cash cow of late. However, a lovely man called Julian has contacted me with some words of wisdom. His reply is posted underneath and my reply to him will be posted after that. I hope you enjoy them.

From: Virgin Media Web Team <>
To: garrie
Sent: Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 20:14
Subject: (KMM77862144I15977L0KM)



I called Virgin recently to see about getting wireless router and was told that it would work out cheaper if I just upgraded my internet service as the router was included, so I did only to find out that there was a hidden delivery charge of £30 thus making this option more expensive (in the long run) than just buying a router outright.

REFERENCE : 26511412 

Dear Garrie

Thank you for your e-mail describing the problems that you have been having with Virgin media. I appreciate your candor and must agree that we do more to improve our customer service. 

We are not taking your dissatisfaction lightly. In fact, your message has been forwarded to several key people in our organization, including our CEO. We are already working to improve our internal process, and I hope you will bear with us as we develop a better approach to handling specific customer service issues that arise in future

I am aware of the importance of good communication and the benefits it has in managing time to both the customers and staff. I agree this is an area Virgin Media need to address.

I am sorry you feel that the delivery charge of £30 for the Virgin Super Hub, is not value for money; we actually charge £75 retail for these. I imagine in the ‘High Street’ they are worth than this. I know because I have bought a router from Virgin media in the past.

Any questions give us a call?

• Simply dial 150 from your Virgin Media Phone.

• It’s free. Or dial 0845 454 1111 from any other phone.

At Virgin Media we are passionate about providing all of our customers with exceptional service so we’re fully committed to providing prompt and accurate resolution to any complaints. If you are not completely satisfied with our response, please tell us at any time within the next eight weeks. To do so, you can telephone us on 0845 045 1119, send an electronic message through or write to Customer Complaints. Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

Julian Moss

Customer Complaints

My reply……

Hi Julian,

many thanks for your reply. I’m pleased that you are taking this matter seriously and appreciate that you have passed this complaint on to the CEO but I fear that you have missed the point of my initial grievance.

£30 for a router would seem a fair price but I was told that the router was ‘free.’ I hope you can see that there is a difference here, namely £30. Now I send and receive a lot of items through the post and know that there is no way a light plastic box costs £30 to post, not unless it is hand delivered on foot? If this is the case then I apologise and ask you to consider a cheaper option for your company such as the Royal Mail?

From my dealings with Virgin Media over the years it seems blatantly obvious that, as a company, Virgin is concerned first and foremost with making a profit and if this means using deceitful sales techniques and third rate customer service operatives then so be it. If this is not the case then it must just be down to sheer bad luck on my part that whenever I call I get to speak to Robbie the Robot or his amphetamine fuelled sister.

Now that I’ve mentioned the dreaded ‘C’ word again how is it that if I contact Virgin to buy a service I get to speak to someone with an excellent command of the English language but that if I call to query something or (as I did only last week) contact Virgin to report a fault I get to speak to someone who learnt English through using a Texas Instruments Speak& Spell game circa 1986?

I hope that you now fully understand my complaint.


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