Writing with light

Ever stuck for something to write about? Need inspiration?

If you’ve ever been on a writing course you’ll be familiar with tutors using objects or images to quickly fire up the creative juices. I was on a course a year or so ago and this technique was used. I managed to come up with an idea and plot outline for a short story that I still haven’t committed to paper yet, too busy writing the novel, but it’s there for when I find the time to return to it. The picture was from one of the glossy magazines, a cold shot of an urban scene, a stream winding through the jagged metal perimeter of an industrial estate. Not romantic or vibrant but there was something there that made a connection in my head and got me scribbling, filling pages of my note book in minutes.

What I do now is snap images on  my phone and keep a library on my computer, a stack of images I can reference when I’m feeling lost or in need of a kick start. I also grab the odd image from the Sunday magazines and stick them in a file for a rainy day. You could do this or maybe keep a sketch book of doodles and notes, a  trove of ideas for future consumption.

Anyway, with that in mind I thought I’d post an image I’ve had on my phone for a while now but one that I really like, one that I can see myself using in the future. I’m not going to say a great deal about it just that it was taken in the summer this year. If you find it useful great, if you don’t find an image that does and get those ideas down. You should give youself time to soak up the image, at least five minutes and then juts write down whatever comes into your head, characters settings, conflicts, what ever, just let it flow and then after about half an hour go back over what you’ve got. Is there anything there, however small, that you can use? If there is great, if not try again with a different image or stimulus.

Let me know how you get on.


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