List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

Hmmmm, if money was no object you say. Well it’d still have to be stuff I was interested in so if money was no object it would be writing.

I’d spend all day basking in the glow of my Mac’s monitor or sprawled over copious notebooks furiously writing notes for story ideas or snatches of poetry. I’d also look at illustrating them. I used to love drawing but find little time to even knock off a doodle let alone a finished picture, so I’d spend some quality time making sketches and studies for finished pieces of work, quite possibly a graphic novel as I’ve just got back into reading comic books.

The third job is a tricky one as I think those two would keep me busy enough as it was but if we’re living in fantasy land then what the hell, how about astronaut? This was my big dream as a kid, I was desperate to get into space despite the fact that I was terrified of heights. I was convinced at the age of twelve (1981) that by now we’d all be living on the moon and taking holidays on Mars. Sadly this is not the case. I’d just have to find a way of sucking vomit out of my space helmet without decompressing it, after all, I’m sure that once I look down on the Earth floating below me I’d find it neigh on impossible to keep my muesli down.

So there you go, if money was no object I’d be:

1. Writing almost full time (I’d still like to do some teaching.)
2. Illustrating
3. Exploring the cosmos

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