Radio Gar Gar

Two radio highlights for me this week. Yesterday I was on the Jeremy Vine show ranting at Vanessa Feltz and some daft Tory Community Nurse from Devon and I’ve just discovered that my reading of my very own ‘Notown’ poem is now ‘in the loop at Radio Wildfire.

Yesterdays phone in was about pensioners loosing their ‘perks’ to help pay for the current financial crisis that we find ourselves in. The person who proposed this wonderful idea cited an example of a pensioner he spoke to saying that he was glad of the heating allowance as it helped to heat his pool through the winter! Not a typical pensioner I’m sure we’d all agree, also I highly doubt that the nurse from Devon had a typical sample of pensioners to base her assumptions on, i.e. they’re all minted and should pay through the nose for everything. I had a good rant at a researcher on the phone and before I new it I was put through to Vanessa herself. I was prompted by the researcher to repeat what I’d said as loudly as possible and whilst I was actually listening to the nurse’s claptrap I was urged to but in whenever I wanted (you guys don’t hear that on the radio.)

I was thoroughly disgusted at what these out of touch Mail readers were proposing and tried as best I could to articulate that on national radio but it’s frustrating, all the things you realise you could’ve said once it’s over. You can listen to my brief explosion across the airwaves here: Radio 2 It starts round about 108 minutes and I come in just after David Bowie’s ‘Changes’ (roughly 138 mins.) Have an earful and let me know what you think by leaving a comment here.

Some of you may have already checked out Radio Wildfire, it is an internet radio station dedicated to spoken word and experimental poetry as well as short stories and musicians. You can get a double billing of Fletchers on the ‘Loop.’ You can hear my reading of ‘Notown’ and Simon Fletcher’s ‘Creative Writing’ recorded live at Wolverhampton’s City Voices as well as lots of other lovely stuff so check that out here at the Loop.

Once again have a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a post here. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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