Forest Publications

Forest Publications.

I was lucky enough to hear Helen Mort read at Poetry Bites in Birmingham some time back. I was that impressed I immediately snapped up a copy of her chapbook ‘The Shape of Every Box,’ which is excellent. She now has another book out from Forest Publications entitled ‘Parralax (for Justin) I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to my copy flapping through the letter box any day now.

New Chapbook – PARALLAX (FOR JUSTIN) by Helen Mort

Now available for a bargainous £2 is the second issue from Volume 2 of Forest Publications’ Chapbook Series: a collection of poems entitled, Parallax (For Justin) by Helen Mort.

A sample:
While You Weren’t Listening

I heard the glass
say to the tabletop:
I like the way you hold me.
I heard the table
answer back:
I like the way you feel.
The barstools
thanked the floor
for all the nights it propped them up
And though
I didn’t catch the floor’s reply
it sounded delicate
and I wondered
what the wind says to the trees outside
to make them swoon like that
and what it tells
the grass
to set it shivering,
or what it is
that’s spoken when you
press that bottle to your lips,
what passes there
between you
in that silent and repeated kiss
that seems to say
I’m here,
I’m listening.

Read more!

Product details

  • Title: Vol.2 Iss.2 ‘Parallax (For Justin)’
  • Author: Helen Mort
  • Pamphlet: 20 pages
  • Publisher: Forest Publications (18 April 2010)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0956338860
  • Amount: £2


Select a region UK – 1.50 GBP EU – 2.50 GBP Int’l – 5.00 GBP

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