Polesworth Poets Trail Celebration.

Today I am off to the launch of the Polesworth Poets Trail. Regular readers will know that my poem ‘Gods Dance Within Us’ is the first poem on the trail, a trail of new poetry that celebrates the historical and literary associations of Polesworth Village in North Warwickshire. The weather is most glorious this morning so I am looking forward to walking the trail and reading the poems in situ, my son is looking forward to some ‘poetry kite activities’ whatever they may be.

Polesworth Poets Trail Route

The Polesworth Poets Trail.

A copy of my poem can be found on this blog. This will be the first time that I’ve seen it in the flesh and it could be a bit odd seeing my words and name on a headstone in the Abbey Graveyard, how many of us can say they’ve seen their name on a headstone (I nearly put before we die but you’d be hard pressed to see it after you’re dead.)

The poet John Siddique and the Anima Acapella group will be providing entertainment as well as reading of the poems on the trail.

Polesworth, in North Warwickshire, hosted poets such as John Donne, Ben Jonson, Michael Drayton and perhaps even Shakespeare. The poetic tradition continues with the development of the Polesworth Poets Trail, which will display contemporary poetry on a walk through the town.

From the website:

The Polesworth Poets Trail (or Ppst) is an exciting project combining new poetry from both local and national poets.

The project aims to promote poetry in all forms through the permanent displays around the town.

Both local people and visitors are encouraged to follow the trail and to view the poems and their settings.

A poetry trail should be a hook to attract visitors to the area who would not otherwise have come.

A poetry trail should be unimposing, such that finding the poems is an act of discovery and also does not preach to those whose interests may lie elsewhere.

A poetry trail should belong to the town and its people and be something that they are proud to promote.

Each poem should enhance the setting by making the reader think about its context within the landscape.

The trail should form a foundation for other arts and literature activities in the town and should be an educational aid for poetry in the national curriculum.

A trail does not need to be static in the sense that some poems may be presented in a form that can be changed from time to time.

It’s very late notice (from me) but if any of you are thinking how best you can enjoy this fine Saturday then why not come along? I’ll be there schmoozing and trying to grab the Blues score off of the internet on my crap phone. Whatever you do today have a good one.

Polesworth Poets Trail.


One thought on “Polesworth Poets Trail Celebration.

  1. I had a great time at the Poetry Trail and even took some pics which I’ll post at some point. Cheers to Mal and the team for getting it all off the ground and for inviting me over to read.

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