Mapping the novel.

Have just started to map out my novel. I’ve broken it down into a block of sixteen chapters with a very brief description of what happens in each one. This is still quite loose at the moment with a couple of the chapters pretty much written and the others just two page treatments or even just post it notes, my favourite one being ‘Wakey Wakey.’ Which could be the title of a chapter or just and instruction to myself, I’ll make a more informed decision when the bugger is actually finished.

Notown, where it all happens, the book that is.

I’ve given myself an unofficial break from writing for the next two weeks as the kids are at home. I say unofficial in that I’m still doing stuff related to it, such as mapping chapters out. I think it’s important to do stuff when it feels right and at the moment I seem to be swimming with ideas so I want to get them all down, I just don’t want to beat myself up if I don’t do anything. Saying that, when it swings around to April the 19th I’ll be hard at it again bashing those keys for at least an hour a night, clocking up the word count and hopefully getting some stuff down that I can use. I’ll keep you all informed as to how it goes.



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